Numerous Undeclared Drugs Prompt Recall Of Pro ArthMax Supplement

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A dietary supplement called Pro ArthMax is being recalled by the Human Science Foundation because of the potential presence of a slew of undeclared substances that could prove hazardous to an individual’s health.  An investigation by the Food and Drug Administration recently deduced that these products could contain Naproxen, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Nefopam, Indomethacin, and Chlorzoxazone, all of which are considered Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.  Persons who have heart problems, kidney issues, allergic sensitivities to substances, or other health maladies would be particularly susceptible to danger.  Owners of the 120-tablet bottles affected by the recall are being asked to cease usage of the drug and get in touch with a doctor should health problems manifest.  The supplement is promoted as a treatment for arthritis and joint pain.

For more about the recall, follow this link.