14,000 Glacier Bay Medicine Cabinets Recalled By Anaheim Company

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The Anaheim, California-based RSI Home Products has announced the recall of bathroom medicine cabinets under the Glacier Bay brand.  There are four different models of cabinet impacted by the recall, adding up to a total of 14,000 affected products.  The back panel or the mirror can be dislodged from the cabinets, and when they come apart, they could fall and injure persons in the vicinity.  No such injurious incidents have come to the fore yet, although there have been two detachments reported.  The cabinets should be uninstalled and brought back to the Home Depot, the sole retailer.  A refund will be handed out at that time.  The products were available across the country this past August, September, and October. If you’ve been injured as a result of the Glacier Bay brand cabinets, contact our personal injury attorneys in Orange County, CA.

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