27,933 Edge Automobiles Recalled By Ford Over Fuel Leak Risk

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Edge automobiles of the 2012 and 2013 model years that have 2.0L engines are being recalled by the Ford Motor Company because of a safety issue that could pose a fire threat.  27,933 vehicles are potentially impacted by the recall, which comes as the result of an error during manufacturing.  This could lead to a crack in the metal housing of the fuel line pulse damper, which can lead fumes and even the fuel itself to emanate.  If there is some type of open flame that comes into contact with the leaking fuel, a blaze could break out.  The recall is supposed to start at the very end of February, so owners can expect to hear from Ford at that time.  A new fuel line will be installed at no cost to owners.  Ford is also noting that the owners of vehicles impacted by a similar recall issued recently still need to bring those automobiles in for additional repairs.

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