Don't Let Your Car Or Your Pipes Freeze

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If you’re in an excessively cold environment, or are even just passing through in an automobile, you have to know the steps to take to protect yourself from danger.  To that end, consider the safety tips available from a new report.

There are certain things related to your automobile that you simply might not think about that will nevertheless wreak havoc on safety.  For instance, if your vehicle has been out in the elements for a few weeks or months without a wash, the temptation will be to wash it, regardless of the temperature.  This is a bad idea, as the water that is left over can actually freeze your car solid.  Wait to wash your vehicle until it’s a little bit warmer outside.

Windshield wiper fluid can also freeze if the temperature is cold enough.  Let your car warm up before putting it into drive so that you can be sure the windshield is warm when the fluid hits it.  That way, freezing isn’t a possibility.

If you fear that your pipes could freeze, run a steady trickle of warm water through the pipes so that there’s no danger.  Opening sink cabinets (assuming that there aren’t chemicals that children could get ahold of there) can allow the pipes to warm, further preventing freezing.