Improve Safety When Stuck In Cold Weather

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If you’re going to be headed out into severely cold weather anytime in the next few months, you want to be able to protect yourself from some of the dangers that can appear in such low temperatures.  Connecticut’s Department of Health offers insights on how to protect yourself amid such an environment, and you should remember them if your travels take you to cold weather locales during the winter.

First off, bundle up in plenty of clothing when you go out.  That light jacket that keeps you warm in 50 degree weather won’t do much when the temperature hovers around 0.  Have numerous layers available to stave off the cold (and the wetness that can result from excessive snow), and make sure you’re covering all portions of your body.

Far too many people mistakenly believe that alcohol consumption can help them stay warm.  While you might feel heat in your chest right at first, all alcohol will do is cause your body to exude warmth that should be used to heat your body.  Plus, if you’re drunk, you won’t feel when your body is suffering the effects of cold weather.  Do not drink if you’re going to be out in the cold.

Finally, make sure you’re looking out for those who may need assistance.  That could mean loved ones or neighbors who are older than 65, or infants for whom retaining body heat is particularly important.