Verify The Safety Of Your Garage Door

Posted on December 18, 2013

If it’s been quite some time since you’ve installed your garage door, then maybe you haven’t thought about whether or not it’s working in the safest manner possible.  Over time, various things can go wrong to undermine the adequacy of the unit, and you want to make sure to get the proper maintenance carried out so that your family’s safety can be assured.  A new report offers tips in this regard.

Your garage should have the types of photo eyes that will ensure the garage goes back up once something crosses in front of the track when the garage is in the process of closing.  Such items have been mandatory on new units for 20 years now, so if your garage doesn’t have these, it’s well past the time when you need to get them installed.

First, these items should be about half a foot off the ground so that children or pets couldn’t slide beneath these.  If you’ve had the detectors installed for some time, then make sure they’re still in working order by placing an object in front of the eye while the garage door is closing.  Should the garage door refuse to close, you’re safe in that regard.

It’s not just this component that you need to see to.  Make sure that you’re keeping the various parts properly lubricated so that the door can move to and from its up and down positions adequately.

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