Vehicle Safety Will Continue to Progress In The New Year

Posted on December 24, 2013

Vehicle safety has come a long way over the years, and 2014 is sure to see even more advances in this regard.  Today, systems are available that help a driver stay within their lane and avoid collisions with upcoming automobiles, and over the next few years, these will likely grow more common.  Plus, the overlap test from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety aims to offer incentives to automakers to further protect vehicle occupants from this type of crash.

One can expect automobile safety to continue to improve, and there are some promising technologies on the way that might be able to make that possible.  A new report offers a look at some of those things in the auto industry that are cause for excitement in the coming year, and they’re important to review.

The first thing the author pays attention to is how cars are getting closer and closer to being able to drive of their own accord, without additional input from the driver.  While we’re not there yet, the ability to eliminate driver error improves seemingly every year, and no less than Google has fully autonomous vehicles currently undergoing test miles in California.

The author also points out that, even as safety improves, so too does efficiency.  Vehicles made in part from carbon fiber are helping to improve gas mileage as well as boost safety during a crash.

For more things to be excited about in the coming year, click the link up above.

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