Use Social Media Wisely Around Christmas

Posted on December 24, 2013

Starting tomorrow, numerous people will be taking to social media to share with friends the gifts they got and the celebrations they had for the holiday.  But in doing, there are many who may be unwittingly leaving themselves open to potential harm.  A new report finds the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary offering some important tips geared toward proper social media usage, and you should keep these in mind tomorrow and well into the future.

Tis the season for over-sharing.  People post just about everything about themselves to social sites, but you do not want to do this.  At Christmas, when you tell people in the morning that you got an expensive television or game system, and then you later post that you’re going to a family member’s home a couple hours away, you’re basically telling people that you have an empty home filled with brand new, expensive things.  Don’t make that mistake.

You can help yourself in this regard by setting accounts up to only be seen by those you know are trustworthy.  Rather than let your account default to public, make private those things that you wouldn’t want other people to know.

No matter who you’ve connected with, you should never leave additional contact or personal information on social sites, and at no time should you post vacation or travel details until after you’ve gotten home.

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