Tips Offer Protection To Small Business Owners

Posted on December 3, 2013

Over the coming weeks, there are sure to be a number of articles focused on how shoppers can stay safe from injury and thievery while navigating crowded aisles.  However, a new report caught our attention because it chooses instead to focus on those ways that small business owners can protect themselves.

One big thing to take into consideration is the fact that there will always be strength in numbers.  When you leave one part-time worker behind to close up shop for the day, it would be fairly easy for someone to force their way in and make off with the contents of the safe or harm that person.  Instead, have at least a couple workers available who can be at the store at all times that you’re open.

You also need to invest in those types of systems that can protect your store when you’re closed up.  Make sure employees know to lock all doors and activate the alarm systems when they leave for the day.  You may even think about pointing a couple cameras at entries and exits so that they can catch burglars in the act.

Finally, make sure to take note of and report suspicious activity.  When you notice someone skulking around your parking lot, don’t hesitate to report their activities to a security guard or police, and once again, travel in a group when you’re leaving to avoid danger.

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