Take Precautions When Returning Gifts

Posted on December 27, 2013

Were you unhappy with whatever gift you received for Christmas?  If so, then a quick look at the crowds at local retailers should be sufficient to let you know that you’re not alone.  People everywhere will be returning items over the coming days, and as you go about this, you want to make sure to conduct yourself in the safest manner possible.  A new report provides some tips on this very matter from the police department of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

First, make sure you’re setting your vehicle up to thwart would-be thieves.  Stow all items in the trunk so they can’t be identified, and if you have numerous stops to make, consider going home and heading out multiple times so that your vehicle isn’t stacked to the brim at any one point.

Once you’re actually inside the store, you want to reduce the risk that someone will attempt to take your money and other belongings.  Carry a minimal amount of cash on you if you can, but if not, then at the very least make sure you’re only pulling out a little bit at a time so that those around you can’t see how much money you actually have on your person.

Be mindful of what’s going on in your surroundings, and keep any purse you might be carrying in close to your body.  Wallets might be a better idea for the ease at which you can protect them from thieves, and if ever you worry about safety, alert security at once.

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