Take Precautions When Hanging Lights Outside

Posted on December 2, 2013

If you’re like many persons just getting over Thanksgiving, this week may find you hanging lights on the outside of your house.  However, you must take certain precautions in order to protect yourself from harm, and therefore it would be wise to consult the safety advice available in a new report out of Los Angeles.

You first want to be able to vouch for the safety of all items involved in the hanging of lights.  That means going over every inch of a light strand to determine if the cord is frayed or if bulbs have become damaged or burnt out.  It also means making sure that your ladder is still capable of supporting your weight.  Do these things before your journey upwards, as waiting until you’re already on the ladder puts you in danger of a personal injury.

Make sure that you have an ample number of extension cords so that you don’t have to overload one given outlet.  Three strands are about the maximum you can put into any one socket, and doing anymore that that can blow a fuse that compromises your power and could prompt a fire.

Finally, rather than hanging products from the ladder itself, thus extending your reach and putting yourself in danger, it might be best to head onto the roof.  That way, you can lie much of your body on a surface and minimize the potential for an injurious fall.

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