Take Care With Social Media During The Holidays

Posted on December 11, 2013

This is the time of the year when everyone needs to be a little more cautious with how they treat their social media postings.  If you upload the wrong information and it makes its way to the hands of those who would have no problem taking advantage of your oversight, your holiday plans can be derailed entirely.  Avoid danger by considering the tips provided in a new report.

We live in a society where it seems like people are taking pictures constantly, but when it comes to photos taken inside your residence, you want to be careful with who you share those with.  You may think you’re just showing off your brand new game console to your friends and family, but when that gets posted to social media, you’re basically telling potential burglars, “Hey, look at this expensive item I just got.”  Think twice before posting such pics.

You also want to minimize the personal identification information you place on sites.  Even an email address is borderline, but you certainly don’t want to include your phone number or your physical address, especially on check-in sites that provide a veritable checklist of where you are at any given time.  If you check in someplace like Foursquare with your real address, you’re essentially telling anyone who cares to know that you’re not at home.

Finally, make sure to avoid posting photos and information about your vacation until you’re back home, as this is yet one more sign that your residence is unoccupied.

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