Shopping With Safety In Mind

Posted on December 17, 2013

Persons who still need to get their Christmas shopping done have a week left to do so, and in the hectic lead-up to the holiday, there’s always the potential for someone to leave themselves open to those who would be willing to use violence, intimidation, or stealth to gain access to a shopper’s haul.  A new report prompted by a recent tragedy offers some guidance to holiday shoppers with the goal of minimizing those situations that could lead to a dangerous altercation.

Safety starts before you even pull your vehicle into a parking spot.  Ideally, you want to park someplace where there are a lot of people around, which shouldn’t be a problem at a mall a couple days before Christmas.  But you should also strive to get as close to the front entrance as possible; not only will this save your legs, but it will minimize the type of situation where you could be susceptible to danger.  Make sure wherever you park has ample lighting too.

The same type of security should extend to restrooms.  Because of their relative privacy, thieves may attempt to hide out here and take advantage of people who may be in a prone state.  Use restrooms where there will be lots of foot traffic.

Finally, carry only as much as you’re capable of so that you can do whatever else you can to protect yourself from danger.

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