Safety Tips For Those Spending Winter Break At The Beach

Posted on December 27, 2013

Even as other parts of the country hunker down for the winter to hide out from the frigid temperatures, Southern California benefits from beautiful weather at all times of the year.  In fact, there might come a time when it’s warm enough to head out to the beach.  Australia has a similar climate, and a new report hailing from that part of the globe offers some beach swimming safety tips from Surf Live Saving NSW that Californians may be able to exercise as well.

The big things that all beachgoers must look out for are rip currents.  These can be deadly to even expert swimmers, but for those who are unaccustomed to such phenomena, the danger is exacerbated even further.  If you ever get caught in a rip current, remain calm.  Rather than struggle, swim across the current until you can get out and then head back to shore.  Try to signal to a lifeguard if possible.

You can protect yourself on all trips to the beach by wearing a lifejacket.  If you’re swimming in the shallows and are confident in your abilities, this may not be essential, but whenever you take to a boat, it’s a necessity.  Even simple fishing should prompt the adornment of a lifejacket by those whose swimming is anything less than adept.

Finally, make sure to keep a close watch on children if you take them with you.

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