Ready Yourself For Winter Driving

Posted on December 2, 2013

Road safety will continue to be of the utmost importance as people travel all around the country for the upcoming holidays.  That’s why it’s important that even people in typically warm locales like Los Angeles prepare themselves for winter if they’re going to be traveling.  Therefore, the tips on hand from the Michigan State Police in a new report are worth paying attention to.

First, know how to safely approach a road that is notably slick or icy.  Get used to braking while your vehicle is pointed straight; if you’re turning your wheels while you hit the brakes, you could lose purchase with the ground.  When skidding occurs anyway, don’t slam the brakes.  Instead, pull the wheel where you want the automobile pointed and try to get out of the skid.

Tire pressure and wiper blade fluid are increasingly important at this time of the year, so fill them up to the proper levels when you’re about to head out on lengthy travels.

You also want to make yourself easily discernible to other drivers and other drivers recognizable to you.  When snow accumulates on your automobile, clear it off, with extra attention paid to lights, windows, and mirrors.  Wash off any grime that makes it hard to separate your vehicle from a gray background created by winter weather.

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