Precautions Necessary For Rose Parade Attendees

Posted on December 30, 2013

Many people from across Southern California will descend on Pasadena to view the world-famous Rose Parade.  If you plan on doing so, then you must take the proper precautions and make sure that everything you’re doing will stay well within the realm of the law.  The police and fire departments of Pasadena have released some important guidelines to those who are going to the parade, and you should remember these if you fit that description.

First, do what you can to mitigate the risk of a fire and subsequent burn injuries.  The Rose Parade is not the place to set off fireworks, given that it’s a crowded space where police officials will be on high alert.  You also don’t want to start any kind of bonfire, which is illegal and could endanger anyone in the vicinity.

You can also reduce the risk of injury in a few other key ways.  Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground rather than something like a piece of scaffolding or a ladder.  These could prove precarious, especially in a throng of people, and you don’t want to suffer a fall.  You also never want to toss anything at people in the parade or along the route.

Finally, make sure to park in designated areas.  Not only does parking in an inappropriate locale endanger others, but it could end with your vehicle towed, and you probably don’t want that.

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