Pleasanton Police Explain How To Have A Safe Holiday

Posted on December 20, 2013

There are a number of things that could go wrong and lead to an injury, burglary, or worse during the holidays, and we want to do whatever we can to help you avoid those dangerous situations.  Today, we would like to turn your attention to the wide-ranging safety tips on hand from the police department of Pleasanton, California in a new report.

This will be the time of the year when delivery trucks will be weaving through neighborhoods on a daily basis to drop off packages ordered online, and burglars may take advantage of this by pretending to be such a delivery person.  Do not open the door to anyone you can’t be sure is a reputable carrier.

If you’re not going to be home, then you should also take steps to ensure packages won’t be poached from your front porch.  This could mean having a neighbor pick up the product or arranging for delivery at your office.  You may also sign up for signature confirmation so that the packages won’t simply be dropped off without someone there.

Also be a responsible host if you’re going to be having people over for a Christmas party.  You should never hoist alcohol on people that don’t want it, and you should encourage guests to make travel arrangements with a designated driver.  If you yourself are heading to a party, make sure you’re taking the same responsible course of action.

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