Motorcyclists Must Exercise Caution While Driving In The City

Posted on December 19, 2013

In Los Angeles, motorcyclists will have chances to ride their vehicles at various times throughout the winter, but that doesn’t mean that they can throw caution to the wind.  Other drivers may not be expecting motorcycles to be present at this time of the year and therefore attentiveness could suffer on their part.  Motorcyclists ought to think about exercising some of the precautions outlined in a new report from Cycle World.

The tips are focused on urban environments, with the author pointing out the need to be on the lookout for slick patches that mark the accumulation of road grime.  Motorcyclists can steer clear of these by avoiding riding directly in the lane’s middle and by not riding on the roads when rain has just fallen.

Riders should never execute a driving maneuver that they don’t know they’ll be able to get out of safely.  The author explains that motorcyclists should always have a way to extricate themselves from their position in the road when inattentive drivers or a piece of road debris compromise safety.  Be aware of where others are all around you and be ready to move to the empty section of the road to avert disaster.

Finally, leave yourself plenty of space between other vehicles, not just when you’re moving, but when you’re stopped too.  You want to be able to adjust your trajectory at all times, and this will require avoiding tailgating.

For more critical advice, click the link up above.

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