Minimize Slip And Fall Risks In Icy Environments

Posted on December 31, 2013

We may not live in Minnesota, where the tips on hand from a new report hail from, but there may still be certain parts of California where the buildup of ice is a possibility.  Therefore, persons on foot always have to be cognizant of the threat posed by a slip and fall, and the aforementioned report explains how to avoid danger in this regard.

If you live in an area where snow and ice can crop up, you have to be ready to remove the buildup from your property to keep yourself, your family, and any visitors safe.  The last thing you want is to be held liable for any accidents that occur when someone slips on a patch of your property that should have been kept clear.  Have salt ready to go to scatter on ice, and when that doesn’t cut it, be ready to take a shovel to the affected area.

You also want to wear the appropriate clothing whenever you head out the door, whether you’re staying on your own property or going elsewhere.  Get shoes that provide traction sufficient for gripping the ice beneath your feet.  Keep a cellphone on you at all times so if you do sustain a fall, and you happen to be by yourself, you can call for assistance in order to avoid the more serious damage that could occur if prompt treatment isn’t sought.

Finally, take particular caution tonight.  If alcohol is on the New Year’s Eve agenda and you’re in a cold environment, minimize your time outdoors, and if you’re with a group of people, do what you can to make sure everyone makes it home safe.

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