Make Christmas Tree Disposal Safe and Immediate

Posted on December 26, 2013

With Christmas behind them, many families will now be able to turn their attention to clearing all the clutter that may surround the tree.  But in doing, it’s easy to lose sight of perhaps the most important thing that will need to be disposed of promptly:  the tree itself.

If you have a real tree, then by this point in its run, it’s probably gotten pretty dry.  Christmas trees have a lifespan of about two weeks, and if you’ve hit that point or are well beyond it, you need to remove decorations and get rid of the tree immediately so that there won’t be a fire threat posed to your family.  A new report offers some insights on how to do so safely.

The biggest piece of advice is simply not to wait.  Although watering the tree will be important, that strategy is only going to last you so long.  There will come a point when the tree doesn’t seem to benefit from the water, and it becomes particularly important at that time to keep the tree away from space heaters, fireplaces, and anything else that could cause a fire to break out.

Once the tree is shedding pine needles, you simply cannot wait any longer.  Take it to a local recycling program at once rather than leave it somewhere in or near your home, where it could pose a further danger to your family.

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