Last Minute Shopping Doesn’t Need to Pose A Risk

Posted on December 24, 2013

Does today find you relaxing at home, looking forward to the coming holiday, or are you still scrambling around trying to get the last few gifts on your list?  If you fall into the latter category, then you’ll need to make sure that you approach shopping in the safest manner possible.  To do so, you might take a look at the tips provided by the Police Chief of Maywood, New Jersey in a recent report.

As he notes, although thievery is certainly a possibility, it’s actually more likely that there might be some type of personal injury situation that plays out in the parking lot.  On slick pavement, an individual (especially one weighed down with bags) can easily slip and suffer an injury.  And when drivers and pedestrians alike are inattentive, the potential for some type of injurious collision increases.

But just because those incidents may be more likely does not mean that you should let your guard slip in terms of averting theft.  Make sure to park in an area that is heavily trafficked (which likely won’t be a problem on Christmas Eve), and make a bee-line for the doors when you’re heading in and for the car when you’re headed out.

Have a shopping companion with you for extra protection, and should something untoward happen to you, don’t be afraid to yell and seek assistance from security.

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