Exploring The Fatigued Driving Threat In Wake Of Train Crash

Posted on December 12, 2013

Although distracted driving and drunk driving rightfully draw the brunt of media attention in terms of those things that could be considered a public menace on the roads, there’s another danger that goes largely overlooked:  fatigued driving.  The issue has come to the fore on the heels of a train crash in New York that some suggest was caused by drowsiness on the part of the driver.

A new report takes a look at the issue of fatigued driving and offers some insights into how to avoid such a dangerous situation.  The author, a sleep doctor, points out that drowsy driving dangers often don’t draw much attention because of difficulties with identifying it as the cause of a crash and an inability among drivers to know how tired they truly are while at the wheel.

Drivers can get around the possible hazards by not putting themselves in a situation where fatigue could set in.  Try to stay off of the road at those times when you’ll be more inclined to be tired, such as late at night or in the earliest hours of the morning.  At this time of the year, many people will be traveling great distances for the holidays, and to avert drowsiness in such instances, it’s important to schedule breaks and not try to get the whole trip done at once.

Have someone to switch off with during longer commutes, and don’t simply subsist on heavy amounts caffeine as a means to stay awake; the results will be temporary and can end up doing more harm than good.

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