Exercise Patience and Common Sense During Holiday Shopping

Posted on December 2, 2013

Some people consider Black Friday to be a stand-alone event when in actuality it should be viewed more like the kickoff of a monthlong holiday shopping marathon.  Over the coming weeks, retailers will be packed to the brim with people buying gifts for their loved ones, and you ought to know how to navigate such an environment in the safest manner possible. The Sheriff’s Station of the Santa Clarita Valley has explained how to do just that in a new report.

If you go in thinking that there are going to be large masses of people and extensive lines, you’ll be less likely to experience the impatience that so often gets people in trouble.  Try to shop when you have time to do so without having to rush, and let your patience extend to any situation where a violent incident could take place.

When you’re queued up in a parking lot or otherwise walking toward the store, be on guard.  If you’re approached by someone, don’t let yourself be distracted.  Politely decline any requests that seem inappropriate, including offers of sale for products that you could get just as easily from inside a reputable store.

You should always have your purse, wallet, and various forms of payment close to your person and never let these out of your sight.  If you ever lose such items or feel they’ve been stolen, get in touch with the credit card company at once to minimize your financial exposure.

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