Cold Temperatures Require Additional Precautions Around The Home

Posted on December 6, 2013

This week has found persons in Southern California and the country as a whole huddled inside in a bid to stay out of the cold.  In such circumstances, it’s important to heat your home in a manner conducive to safety while seeing to those other hazards that can be created at this time of the year.  You might therefore think about enacting some of the tips from the American Red Cross available in a new report.

If you live in an area subject to cold temperatures, you have to take steps to keep your pipes from freezing.  It might be a good idea close your garage to protect pipes there, and you can get warm air circulating to other pipes by opening cabinets under the sink (provided you don’t have kids or animals that could get into the contents of those cabinets).  Running water might also help you to avoid freezing.

You have a few options when it comes to heating your home, but one of those options should not be your stove.  Such a dangerous heating method should never be attempted.  Instead, think about a space heater, although even this needs to precipitate the proper precautions.  The device needs to be on flat ground, far from anything that could conceivably catch fire.  If you have to leave the room, shut the item off.

Caution needs to be taken with any generator you use.  It needs to be kept away from the house, and you should avoid trying to power your entire house with it; instead, only plug in those things you need to use.

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