Avert Slip and Fall Risks Within Your Home

Posted on December 18, 2013

Slip and fall incidents can happen to anyone, but perhaps no one is more at risk than seniors.  Rather than simply wait for a dangerous situation to take place, there are ways to ensure that the risk of an incident is minimized.  A new report provides some tips on setting oneself up to avoid a potentially dangerous fall.

First, make sure those things that often contribute to a fall cannot be found strewn about pathways in your home.  If you have cords, shove those toward the wall as opposed to jutting out where they could catch someone’s foot.  When it comes to furniture, ensure that items are set up in such a way that there is ample room to get anywhere in the home without coming into contact with a sharp corner or navigating a small walking path.

You should also strive to minimize those actions that will create strain.  If you have a bed that’s set up well off the floor or too low to the floor, this will make it hard to get into or out of bed.  Strive for some sort of middle ground.  Have phones within easy reaching distance, and make sure that you have easy access to food products that may be in cabinets or up on shelves.

Finally, speak with a doctor about other improvements to your lifestyle that could be made.  This could even mean switching up medication that has dizziness or balance issues as side effects.

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