Approach Downed Power Lines In A Safe Manner

Posted on December 3, 2013

When inclement weather hits, a number of hazards can be created that make a standard commute feel like more of an obstacle course than it already is.  At such times, one of the biggest threats you could face is navigating a road that has been littered with the debris from downed power lines.  A new report provides some safety tips from a company called Rocky Mountain Power, and they’re worth considering should you ever draw near to power lines during a commute.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your distance, whether on foot or in a car.  There don’t have to be visible sparks in order for a danger to be present.  A live wire won’t necessarily look like it could pose a threat until someone makes contact.

Instead, try taking another route, asking that anyone who may be with you get back as far as they can.  You should alert the police and the power agency so that officials can get in right away to take account of and fix the damage as soon as possible.

What you shouldn’t do is try to drive over a power line as if it wasn’t any big deal.  You should also know what to do if the lines actually end up draped over your vehicle.  Don’t try to get in if you’re outside, and if you’re already in, stay there until you can get emergency assistance.  Do not allow those without experience to attempt to extricate you from the car.

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