Additional Ways To Boost Safety During New Year’s Revelry

Posted on December 31, 2013

Last week, we related some of the ways that you could boost safety on New Year’s Eve if your festivities involved hosting a party or going to such a celebration yourself.  However, not everyone will go to the type of get-together at a residential area where alcoholic beverages will be served.  Others will go to bars, watch fireworks, or congregate in other areas in which there are sure to be crowds.

Just because copious alcohol consumption isn’t your plan for the night does not mean you can just cast safety by the wayside.  There are still many risks apparent with the dawn of the New Year, and you want to avoid these dangers however you can.  To do so, consider some of the tips put together by the police department of Mobile, Alabama.  While geared toward activities in that state, many of the tips on hand would be applicable here in California as well.

There are certain areas where fireworks might be acceptable, but the middle of a crowded New Year’s Eve celebration will never be one of them.  Even small firecrackers can cause injuries in a crowded space, and that doesn’t even speak to the type of danger that could be created if the mini-explosions cause a panic.  Leave fireworks out of your celebration to stay on the side of safety; it’s far wiser to simply go to a public firework display if you can find one near you.

You should also have a keen awareness of what’s going on around you at all times if your revelry brings you into contact with large crowds.  Inhibitions tend to get left by the wayside during these types of holiday celebrations, which is unfortunate given all that could go wrong.  Fights might spring up, thieves might attempt to abscond with purses and wallets, and drinks left out on a bar can be easily compromised.  Always have a good idea of what’s going on around you, even if that means refraining from the type of heavy alcohol consumption that can sometimes be all too common on the holiday.

If you’re going out with a large group of people, make sure that you formulate some type of designated spot where everyone can meet at the end of the night, as it’s easy to get separated in amongst all of the hubbub.  This is especially important if you’re bringing children with you for any festivities.  He or she should know to speak with a police officer immediately if they get lost, and you can boost safety further by placing a card with your contact details in the child’s pocket.  Of course, you should keep an eye on kids at all times, and if you’re worried about the crowds, think about hiring a babysitter for the night.

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