Slew Of New Laws Set To Impact California Citizens

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A report from Occupational Health and Safety offers a guide to the new laws that are soon to come into being in California.  The information was put together by the California Highway Patrol.  We’ve previously discussed the three foot cushion that will be afforded by cyclists starting next September and the ban on hands-free texting devices among motor vehicle operators younger than 18.  But the report also points to a law coming into being to help those persons who may have been injured or lost a loved one in a hit and run.  Criminal complaints will now have three years from the time of the incident or one year following identification of the alleged perpetrator to be filed, so long as the actual filing still occurs within six years of the incident.  Another law seeks to improve the safety of modified limousines, an issue that grew in prominence following a recent tragedy in San Mateo.

Follow this link for more about the new laws.