Ensure Safety Between Christmas And The New Year

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Christmas might be over, but that certainly doesn’t mean that taking the proper precautions should come to a similar end.   You want to be able to ensure the safety of yourself and your family well into the New Year and beyond, and to do that, consider exercising some of the precautions discussed in a new report.

First, even though Christmas celebrations have come to a close, there is still ample opportunity to imbibe too much.  If the following days find you off of work and with time to indulge in a few cocktails, what you absolutely cannot do is crawl behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Have designated drivers lined up and ready to go whenever you drink alcohol, a piece of advice that carries particular import on New Year’s Eve.

While we want you to be able to enjoy the leftovers you now have filling your fridge from your Christmas meal, you don’t want to let that enjoyment turn to misery if the items you’re consuming have been affected by contaminants.  Foodborne illness is a distinct possibility at this time of the year because cooking times might be all over the board and because dishes tend to get left out for a period of time that’s lengthier than what would be considered wise.

Make sure all dishes have been cooked to an optimal temperature and that you’re tossing out anything that has been kept at room temperature for too long (upwards of two hours).