How You Can Protect Your Pets on Christmas Day

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With less than 24 hours to go until Christmas, there’s a lot of stress floating around households across America.  Hopefully, that stress doesn’t lead to the types of oversights that can compromise the health of pets.  A new report highlights those dangers that can lurk around the home around Christmas, and this is your last chance to ensure you’re protecting your pets from the danger.

Leftovers from the meal shouldn’t be given to dogs or cats, as the bones can pose a distinct choking and internal injury hazard.  Chocolate is another big no-no around Christmas time, and if someone gives it as a gift, it needs to immediately be placed somewhere that an animal couldn’t get to it.  And if your pet has a tendency to claw at or chew things, make sure they’re kept a sufficient distance from the Christmas tree and any light strands.

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