Safety In The Air As Well As On The Ground

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For those who are going to be traveling any considerable distance this week for the holidays, there are two primary methods of travel:  by automobile and by airplane.  Both will require vigilance in order to make it to your destination safely.  Thankfully, a new report provides some important tips that you can put into action as you go about your travels.

Proper maintenance is perhaps the most important step on any road trip in the family automobile, and knowing where you’re going ahead of time is a close second.  There are going to be a lot of lost travelers on the roads this week, and those persons may end up cutting across traffic, not signaling their intentions, or looking down at the GPS on their phones instead of paying attention to their surroundings.  Don’t let yourself be tempted by such dangerous activities.

Although the responsibility for actually arriving at your destination on the plane is up to a pilot, not you, you still have to take certain precautions.  Make yourself aware of the TSA’s various rules prior to heading out, keeping anything that could be construed as a weapon back home.  If you have gifts for people, save the wrapping for your arrival so that they don’t get unwrapped by a TSA representative on the way.