Oodle Swings Recalled Over Leg Injury Threat

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Oodle Swings are being recalled by the Delano, Minnesota-based Landscape Structures because of the possibility that the products could contribute to injuries.  Only 177 swings are affected by the recall, but these may be found in playgrounds across the country.  These swings are meant to allow for multiple children to be pushed in a single swing at once, but unfortunately, the items are put together in such a way that a child’s dangling legs could strike the ground as they’re being pushed.  This can cause an injury to whichever child gets his or her legs stuck.  Nine sprains or outright breaks have already been reported, and to ensure this won’t continue, the swings should not be used until the distance to the ground can be measured by owners.  Anything less than 12 and three quarters of an inch should necessitate a call to the company to set up free repairs.

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