Flammability Concerns Lead to Recall of 17,000 Yankee Candle Rings

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Rings of artificial foliage, berries, and pinecones are being recalled by the South Deerfield, Massachusetts-based Yankee Candle Company because of the threat of a fire the items could create.  17,000 of the products are being recalled, 2,000 of which were sold in Canada with the rest being available in the United States.  These items, which are designed to wrap around the base of a candle, could catch fire if exposed to some sort of ignition source.  Thankfully, there haven’t been any injurious incidents or situations where property was damaged reported yet, and to ensure that continues, owners are being asked to cease usage and get a refund from the company.  These products were only sold this past September and October by Yankee Candle and Hallmark.

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