Protect Young Children From Choking On Christmas Morning

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Parents who are celebrating Christmas with young children in the home have to make sure that the holiday festivities don’t create choking threats for those kids.  This can be difficult, especially for those new parents who up until now haven’t had to think much about those parts of the season that could pose a risk to their young kids.  Therefore, parents should think about some of the tips on hand from a new report.

First, take the proper precautions with the various items adorning your Christmas tree.  Those ornaments that may have been in your family for years could pose a laceration or choking threat if a young kid gets ahold of them.  Move all potentially dangerous ornaments high up off the ground and make sure they’re secured to the branches.

When it comes to lights, keep these similarly high, and try to push them backwards toward the interior of the tree so that the child can’t reach the strand or bulbs.  In fact, you can use some type of gate around the tree so that the child will be dissuaded from even approaching the tree.

Christmas morning itself can prove rather dangerous, given that there will be ribbon, wrapping paper, and various toy leavings scattered around the home.  Make sure to help kids open their items, and when the paper is gone, take it away at once.  Have a trash bag ready to go to dispose of all gift packaging.