Fire Threat Prompts Recall of Aristocrat II Carpet Sold at Lowe's

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The threat of a potential fire has led to the recall of a type of carpet that was only sold at Lowe’s.  The recall was issued by the Dalton, Georgia-based Shaw Industries and affects carpets with a style number of 7L514 in the Pale Clay color and under the Aristocrat II brand.  16,300 yards of carpet in total are impacted by the recall, which was issued upon the discovery that federal benchmarks regarding flammability are not met by this particular piece of carpet, making it susceptible to a fire if it comes into contact with some type of ignition source.  No such incidents have come to pass at this time, and owners are being asked to get in touch with Shaw to learn about identification procedures and for information about replacement.  The carpet was sold this past June through September.

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