Compelling the Participation of Recalcitrant Witnesses at Deposition

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The newest issue of Los Angeles Lawyers finds Panish Shea and Boyle’s own Robert Glassman outlining how to approach a situation wherein the counsel for the opposing side attempts to put barriers up to the proper testimony of a witness.

In it, Mr. Glassman describes how the only reason such an objection by the opposing counsel is warranted is if the answer to a question were to give away privileged information.  In just about all other cases, such a maneuver would be baseless.

It may then be up to the attorney seeking the fair and just provision of information to confer with the other side to hear their objections to the matter and to try to work out an agreement.  If that agreement proves elusive, a judge may need to get involved or a motion may need to be filed in order to compel the witness to provide (rather than withhold) testimony.

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