Keep Eye Safety In Mind When Shopping For Gifts

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This Christmas, many parents who go toy shopping for their kids will concern themselves with avoiding those threats that are readily apparent:  choking hazards from small parts, batteries that could prove harmful if swallowed, etc.  But there’s one fairly serious hazard that shouldn’t go overlooked, and that’s the risk posed to eyesight by certain items.

In order to reduce injuries, the American Academy of Ophthalmology has come out with a series of tips focused on helping parents pick toys that won’t pose a threat to eyesight.  Remember these the next time you’re walking down the toy aisle.

Any type of projectile should prompt parental discretion prior to purchase.  If a given item is able to shoot a component at speed, especially if that object is pointy in any way, then it could be dangerous if pointed at a children’s eyes.  You may want to think about purchasing some other type of toy.

Items with lasers also need to be used with caution.  A laser pointed at the eyes of a human or animal can do some fairly serious damage.  Children may not realize this and such an item would thus not be appropriate.  Some kids may also be tempted to point the product at cars, posing a distraction that could be especially dangerous.

Pay close attention to the age labels on toys, but also take into account the maturity of your children when dealing with anything that could pose an eye hazard.