Pets Deserve Protection During The Holidays

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Households that contain pets must not lose sight of the holiday hazards that could endanger those animals’ lives over the next couple of weeks.  Things that might be safe for us may be incredibly hazardous to the family pet.  If you have a pet in your home, you might consider the safety tips from the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association in a new report.

There are a lot of things associated with Christmas that could prove poisonous to an animal.  Festive plants like poinsettias and mistletoe are certainly bad for pets, so if you’re intent on hanging these, they absolutely must be placed out of the reach of animals.  Chocolate also needs to be kept away while you cook, and it shouldn’t be placed as a gift under the tree if you have a dog that will be lured by its scent.

If you have a pet that has a tendency to chew or eat whatever is placed in front of them, you also have to be wary of various decorations that could create havoc if consumed.  Ribbons and various types of garland can get bunched up and block an animal’s system.  Especial damage could be had with ornaments, as the jagged edges could perforate the intestinal lining.

Keep cords out of a dog’s reach so that they don’t chew them and get electrocuted, and make sure the small parts of toys are similarly located somewhere that an animal wouldn’t be able to reach them.