Safeguard Your Children From Common Holiday Hazards

Posted on November 13, 2013

Christmas can be a hectic time of the year, especially for those families that have a bevy of children to see to.  There are plenty of holiday stresses and hazards posed to adults, but when you tack on the added responsibility of dealing with a child, you begin to look at the things around your home in a whole new way.  A new report provides direction to those persons with little kids in the home, and all citizens would do well to check out the safety tips on hand.

First up is the tree, which kids may not look at the same way you would.  You see the tree as a decoration to stuff gifts under, but little kids may see it as a big patch of greenery covered in toys.  If a child reaches for an ornament that breaks, he or she could suffer a laceration or even choke on the pieces if they try to eat them.  Put breakable objects up high, and realize that anything attached to the bottom should be something you’re okay with your child grabbing.  That also means that the ornaments down there should be hung via other means than hooks.

Keep in mind those other types of decorations associated with Christmas that could also pose a potential risk to your children.  Mistletoe and poinsettias look great, but to a child, they could be poisonous.  These must be hung up high enough that a child would be unable to reach them.  The same goes for candles, which may tempt a child if they’re within reach.  Keep candles somewhere they’ll be out of the grasp of kids.  Whenever you leave the room, make sure to blow the flame out.

As you go about your Christmas shopping, ensure that anything you’re buying for your kids is going to be age-appropriate.  If he or she is under the age of three, products with small parts should be avoided.  Parents ought to be particularly cautious with electronic toys given the presence of small button batteries that could be exceedingly dangerous if a child were to swallow that item. All toy packages should relate the age limits and the potentially dangerous objects within, and parents must use their best judgment when deciding whether to purchase an item.

If you’re planning on traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas, then this is a good time to verify that your car seat is installed properly and that it’s the right type of unit given your child’s size.  Should your child exceed the limits of their current car seat, make a booster seat an early present.  Know, though, that the child shouldn’t be advanced to that type of seat before they’re ready.

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