Rainy Weather In Santa Clarita Prompts Driving Tips

Posted on November 22, 2013

Bad weather descended on the Santa Clarita area yesterday, providing the impetus for a series of traffic accidents.  While there’s no way to say for certain that the weather played a role in the collisions, there’s no doubt that when rain falls the risk is increased.

In order to prevent further incidents from taking place during poor weather, the California Highway Patrol is offering tips and asking all citizens to use the utmost caution when navigating the roads.  One representative of the agency points out that it’s usually not weather that’s responsible for the crashes but rather the people who overestimate their abilities amid such circumstances.

Do what you can to reduce your risk of being involved in a crash.  Drive as cautiously as possible when inclement weather affects your area.  That starts with reducing your speed when the rain is coming down.   If this means that you need to leave earlier to get to your destination, then so be it.  Take the weather into consideration every time you plot out your route.

Because stopping is more of a crapshoot during such weather, make sure to give ample space to other vehicles so that you always have time to stop.  If you can safely get over a lane to avoid puddles of water, please do so, and if the puddle has turned into a veritable creek, a completely alternate route should be sought.

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