Protect Your Pets When Flying Across The Country

Posted on November 21, 2013

As people gear up for the holidays, one decision that will need to be made is what to do with the family pet.  If you’re going to be gone for a significant amount of time, then you may opt to take them with rather than enlist the watchful eye of a trusted friend or to sign them up for a kennel service.  If this is the case, though, then you have to make certain preparations before the trip, especially if you’re flying somewhere.  A new report out of Oregon explains what to do.

First, you need to make sure, possibly by speaking with your veterinarian, that your pet is well-suited to traveling on an airline.  If your wisdom and that of your vet suggests that your pet is healthy and temperamental enough to travel, then a microchip or some other identification method is a great idea.

You also need to speak with the airline to determine what their policies are on pets.  Some airlines don’t allow animals to travel in the cabin, and we wouldn’t blame any pet owner for being loath to part with an animal who must travel in the freight section.  Once you’ve determined how your pet will be able to travel, make sure he or she is comfortable in their carrier, and keep them there on the flight.

Whatever you do, make sure the airline knows your pet is taking the trip with you.  This is always a wiser course of action than smuggling a pet onto a flight.

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