Prepare Your Vehicle For Safe Holiday Travels

Posted on November 25, 2013

Here in Southern California, we don’t have to worry about the temperature dropping too dramatically, but with many people traveling to far flung locales during the holidays, the risk of getting stuck in winter weather may rise dramatically.  If you’re going to be headed to cold spaces for Thanksgiving or Christmas, then think about enacting the preparatory safety tips included in a new report out of Chicopee, Massachusetts.

First, you want every portion of your vehicle to be in working order so that you’re not increasing your chance of a wreck or a stranded-type situation.  Have a mechanic take a look at the battery to make sure it’s in proper repair.  Tires are another thing to pay attention to; an insufficient tread can wreak havoc on your ability to safely navigate roads covered in snow or ice.

You also have to be prepared in the event that your car breaks down or you’re otherwise stuck on the side of the road.  Flick on the hazard lights and wait for emergency officials.  So that you might stay warm, you should have an ample supply of blankets on hand.  Food and water aren’t bad ideas either, nor are flashlights or a flare so that you can delineate your presence to others.  Jumper cables can help in case all you need is a helping hand to make it to your destination safely.

Finally, don’t buy into the myth that a vehicle has to necessarily warm up before you start driving.  Vehicles should not be idled for lengthy periods of time, and your tailpipe should be clear so that carbon monoxide cannot build up.

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