Minimizing Grease And Oil Fires This Thanksgiving

Posted on November 25, 2013

We outlined some of the steps to take to prevent a foodborne illness on Thanksgiving, but there’s another big threat that holiday revelers must be aware of:  fires.  A fire is a distinct possibility at this time of the year, and the threat of an injury is exacerbated when your home is filled with guests.  To reduce your exposure to risk, consider the tips provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in a new report.

The CPSC provides a set of startling images that show what transpires when an individual tries to put out a grease fire with water:  the blaze gets far larger, endangering you and your guests.

Instead, what you want to do is deprive the fire of the oxygen it needs to thrive.  Place a lid over the top so that the flames can’t escape, and turn the oven off once you can then safely reach it.  Dial 911 just to be on the safe side, and if the fire gets out of control, use the fire extinguisher.

Extra caution also needs to be used with turkey fryers.  If your heart is set on such a contraption, it has to be far away from structures; a porch or garage simply isn’t safe for such a device.  Make sure you only fry a turkey that has already been thawed, and leave oil at the suggested level.  Any more than that and you risk the oil seeping out the top and causing a blaze or a burn at the very least.

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