Keeping Kids Safe In An Era Of Connectivity

Posted on November 4, 2013

Parents in the modern age have their hands full trying to keep their children safe from the various dangers they could confront online.  Safety isn’t as simple as it was even a decade ago.  Thankfully, a new report relates some tips from Cox Communications that seek to help parents safeguard their kids from harm.

What makes internet safety so challenging today is the fact that it’s not just computers you have to worry about.  Sure, you can monitor their internet behavior from the family computer in the living room, but what about the various tablets and cellphones around the house?  Or the videogame consoles?  Or the televisions?  Or the DVD players?

All of these things and more now come ready to connect to the internet.  Therefore, make sure to conduct a rundown of every possible internet-capable device and activate the parental safety features available on those.  Most of the time, this is a simple matter of going to the settings of the device and creating a password that keeps children from heading to the types of sites they shouldn’t be exposed to.

Parents also have a role to play when it comes to their children’s social media usage.  Make sure that kids know to refrain from posting personal identification information or photos.  Messages that come from persons they don’t recognize should not prompt a response, and children should know that they ought to alert parents when these messages come through.

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