Improving Safety Attentiveness Among Tree Farm Employees

Posted on November 6, 2013

Halloween is in the past, which means that people are likely already looking ahead to Christmas.  While some are focused on getting their holiday shopping done, others are paying more attention to picking out the perfect tree to stuff gifts beneath.  As tree farms gear up for the upcoming season, it’s important that full-time and seasonal workers do what they can to ensure safety.  A new article from Michigan State University Extension explains how that can be done.

First, anyone working on a tree farm needs to be able to use the proper personal protective equipment.  It can get loud when dealing with chainsaw and wood chippers, so ear protection is going to be a necessity.  These should be worn in conjunction with safety glasses, which can protect from stray wood chips that could otherwise cause serious eye damage.

Items like the aforementioned chainsaws, as well as all other hauling and cutting equipment, must be in optimum shape.  If it’s been since last Christmas that the items were in heavy usage, various types of damage may have accumulated.  Cracks and broken edges need to be fixed.  What’s more, workers have to be properly trained on this equipment.

Finally, there should be a plan of action in place should some type of emergency happen.  Employees should have a deep understanding of this plan so that medical help can be provided as soon as possible.

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