Homebound College Students Must Reduce Burglary Risks On Campus

Posted on November 11, 2013

For college students, the upcoming holidays mean a chance to get away from studies and head back home to spend a few weeks with family.  However, this also poses a bit of a conundrum to campus security, as the dorms, free of the hustle and bustle that typically occurs on the average weekday, will become prey to potential burglary.

Because of this, students should start thinking now about how they’re going to avoid exposing their living spaces to a possible theft.  They can begin by consulting the safety tips from the Western Illinois Office of Public Safety and the Macomb, Illinois Police Department.

If you have anything valuable that you couldn’t bear to part with, then the first precaution is rather straightforward:  take it with you.  You can lock up your dorm all you want, but if someone sets their sights on getting in, they may still be able to find a way.  Close and lock all doors and windows, make sure roommates are willing to do the same, and before you go, make sure to take those high-priced electronics, jewelry, and other items with you when you leave campus.

Leaving the lights on is a great way to deter potential thieves, as is investing in a timer that will turn the lights on for you.  Finally, if you’re traveling a long way, make sure that persons peering into your car windows won’t see your backpack, laptop, or other items displayed within the vehicle.

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