Holiday Decor Shouldn’t Endanger Your Family

Posted on November 27, 2013

There are numerous fire hazards that tend to pop up in the timeframe between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you want to make sure that these threats don’t compromise the safety of you and your family.  Therefore, think about adhering to some of the safety tips on hand from the FDNY in a new report, focused largely on outfitting your home with holiday decorations.

All electrical items strewn about your home to make things a little more festive need to carry the UL safety mark of Underwriters Laboratory, which basically signals to the consumer that the product has been approved for safe usage.  There should be an attendant hologram that won’t necessarily be found on products that only purport to be approved.

If you’re purchasing a Christmas tree this weekend and plan on putting it up in your home, make sure it’s fresh enough that dryness won’t set in for quite awhile.  Just to be safe, constantly water the tree and don’t place it anywhere near something that could cause a fire.  Fireplaces, heaters, and candles all fall into this category.  You might also use some kind of wire to anchor the tree to the wall so there’s no risk of it tipping over.

Finally, know what to do should somebody in your home suffer a burn related to a candle or any other type of fire.  Any burn needs to be doused under cold tap water for upwards of ten minutes, and after antiseptics have been applied, a clean bandage should be affixed.  Call for emergency assistance or take the sufferer to the hospital for immediate help.

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