Distracted Driving Has No Place In Thanksgiving Travel

Posted on November 27, 2013

The roads will be filled this coming weekend with people traveling as part of Thanksgiving, and there will no doubt be numerous persons paying too much attention to their phones when they’re supposed to be driving.  Whether making calls to tell hosts that they’re running late for festivities or checking a map application to determine whether or not a vehicle is on the right path, you can bet that distraction will come into play in numerous accidents in the coming days.

It’s therefore important to consider the information on hand from a new report focused on the current state of distracted driving.  Various types of reports and studies have outlined just how dangerous the trend has become.  State Farm recently found that well over half of all drivers readily admitted to talking on their phones, with 35% copping to texting.

One professor with the Georgia Institute of Technology interviewed for the report noted that, while many people recognize the threat posed by distracted driving, the problem is that they don’t think that that same danger applies to them.  They basically think they’re the exception rather than the rule.  The problem has gotten so out of hand that AAA recently had to issue a veritable call to arms on eliminating the practice of taking selfies at the wheel.

It’s no surprise then that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and myriad safety advocates are trying to spread the word about distracted driving.  This Thanksgiving and beyond, make sure you’re not contributing to a nationwide scourge.

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