Complex Phone Scam Prompts Fraud Warning From The IRS

Posted on November 1, 2013

Anyone who receives a phone call unprompted from someone claiming to be a representative of a government agency that you owe money to needs to immediately be put on guard.  The overwhelming odds are that they are the person on the line is trying to scam you for money, especially if they start threatening you or asking for account information.

These scams are growing increasingly complex, though, and the Internal Revenue Service wants citizens to be aware of one recent fraud that has been catching many off-guard.  The Los Angeles Times outlines the IRS’s warning and the scam itself in a new report.

What makes this most recent fraud so tricky to suss out is that the scammers already appear to have gained access to the last four digits of the call recipient’s Social Security number.  They can also make the phone number appear as if it’s coming from the IRS.  With those credentials in hand, the person on the phone will demand immediate payment for some fabricated reason.  The scam is so authentic-seeming that the scammer will then call from a different number pretending to be a police officer or a DMV representative who will take action against you if you don’t pay.

Know that the IRS will never call to demand immediate payment.  They will never attempt to coerce you with threats of arrest, deportation, or the suspension of a driver’s license.  Don’t buy into these bullying tactics; protect your financial security and that of others by reporting such scams.

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