CHP Calls For Seatbelt Usage Amid Heavy Thanksgiving Traffic

Posted on November 27, 2013

Yesterday, we related some of the safety efforts that the California Highway Patrol is going to be taking part in this holiday weekend.  But in addition to carrying out crackdowns focused on Interstate 5 and Interstate 40, the CHP plans to enact an overall increased enforcement campaign across the entire state.

Those efforts are explored in detail in a new report, with the Commissioner of the CHP pointing out the threat posed by the heightened levels of traffic we can expect over the course of the next few days.  He emphasized that the best way to minimize exposure to such a danger is to affix a seatbelt on every single trip, or in a child’s case, a child safety seat that is suited to their size.

The data weighs out the idea that Thanksgiving is one of the most hazardous times to be on the road in the state of California.  44 people lost their lives during this period last year, which is a rise of well over a third from the previous year.  At least ten of those persons were found to be lacking a seatbelt when the collision took place.

The lesson should be clear:  put on your seatbelt during your Thanksgiving travels, and make sure everyone in the car does the same.  And remove alcohol from the equation, as this is yet another activity that could threaten your life and that will be on the radar of the CHP this year.

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